Fidelity aims to deliver investment solutions that leverage our global research expertise and local presence in key markets.

We focus on identifying opportunities that offer stable earnings growth through an investment cycle.

The Fidelity equity advantage

Our goal is to deliver strong and consistent investment performance to help clients achieve their investment objectives.

Unsurpassed research capabilities

Unsurpassed research capabilities<br/><br/>

Our fundamental-focused 360° research approach allows us to develop a unique understanding of the businesses in which we invest.

We meet with thousands of companies face to face and leverage our global research network to understand their competitors, customers and suppliers.

Globally integrated investment organization

Globally integrated investment organization<br/><br/>

Core and opportunistic research provides entrepreneurial and established investment ideas.

Our investment offices span the globe to deliver expertise in local markets.

Portfolio construction and proprietary risk management

Portfolio construction and proprietary risk management<br/>

Proprietary technology integrates research with portfolio construction tools. Risk evaluation informs balance and composition.

Our experienced team of risk management professionals uses proprietary risk management technology and quantitative risk modelling to assess real-time portfolio risks.

A flexible and thorough research process provides a differentiated view

Idea generation is combined with active management and risk controls to construct portfolios that focus on delivering risk adjusted results.

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Equity Investment Solutions

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This information is designed to provide an indication of certain attributes of these strategies and is subject to change. For full details of the applicable mandates, including the investment objectives, please contact Fidelity Canada Institutional.

We offer a comprehensive lineup of institutional investment strategies and mutual funds available on all major recordkeeping platforms.

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