We offer a comprehensive lineup of institutional investment strategies and mutual funds available on all major recordkeeping platforms.


Target date investment options are a key component of our DC offering

  • Fidelity ClearPath® Portfolios are designed to help Canadian investors solve the challenge of investing through retirement.
  • Shaped by key drivers of long-term outcomes, our unique glide path reflects actual behaviour of Canadian plan members.

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Why Fidelity for defined contribution?

Retirement and investment expertise

  • More than 25 years of experience working with retirement plans
  • Proprietary insights gained from the analysis of thousands of Fidelity's record-kept DC plans and millions of record kept DC plan members from around the world
  • Experienced insights across all asset classes
  • Global and local market expertise

Dedicated resources and support

  • Comprehensive DC leadership and platform support
  • Integrated Business Development and Consultant Relations teams
  • Regionally-aligned Institutional Relationship Managers providing coordinated support to DC and DB plan sponsors

Comprehensive product lineup and investment solutions

  • Wide array of mutual funds and institutional pools across asset classes, market caps and sectors
  • Dedicated institutional vehicles, single strategy and multi-asset class solutions
  • Comprehensive and rigorous approach to investment and risk management

A great partnership

Fidelity mutual funds and institutional pools are available on all major record keeping platforms. Contact us for assistance in finding a solution that best fits your needs.

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