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Michael Barnett Executive Vice President, Institutional (416) 217-7773
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Shane Ayres Vice President, Institutional Distribution (416) 217-7758
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Gary Chateram Vice President, Institutional Sales,
Quebec, Eastern Canada & Ottawa
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Catherine Dimitriadis Vice President, Institutional Sales,
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David Shedd Vice President, Institutional Sales,
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Tracey Wong Vice President, Consultant Relations (416) 217-7077
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Enlai Lim Ubani Director, Consultant Relations (416) 217-7335
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Ryan Hendy Director, Consultant Relations (514) 866-7394
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Imtiyaz Rajwani Director, Consultant Relations (416) 217-7627
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Rajan Burney Vice President, Institutional Client Management (416) 307-5261
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Lawrence Lim Director, Institutional Client Management (416) 217-7528
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Jeff Poulin Director, Institutional Client Management (514) 866-7307
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Vincent Yu Director, Institutional Client Management (416) 307-5246


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A nudge in the right direction

March 2018

Like opt-out and TDFs, low volatility can improve choices and outcomes for DC plan members.


  • Millennials and boomers are particularly susceptible to biases that have been shown to lead to poor asset allocation decisions.
  • Our research shows that by supplementing traditional equity options with low-volatility equities, plan sponsors can address two major biases head on and help members make better choices.
  • Low volatility equities can play a crucial role for DC plan members who both want and need equity exposure, but can’t bear the impact of a market drawdown.

Time needed to recover from losses

Time needed to recover from losses


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