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Real estate outlook 2019: Seeking out sustainability in an unstable world

November 2018

Neil Cable, Head of European Real Estate, shares his outlook for real estate in 2019


  • The financial climate is starting to change. Years of central bank support have pushed up prime real estate valuations.
  • However, the market is looking exposed as liquidity begins to recede, with risks weighted to the downside.
  • Our base case is for capital growth to be subdued in 2019, focusing our attention on sustainable yields.
  • Real estate assets offering stable income are becoming an increasingly effective means of protecting portfolios from turbulent capital markets.


author portrait
Neil Cable Head of European Real Estate
Neil Cable is Head of European Real Estate at Fidelity International. In this role, he is responsible for the day-to-day management of the business, including overseeing the investment process, chairing the Investment Committee and directing business strategy.

Mr. Cable joined Fidelity in 2006 and has 27 years of experience in U.K. and European real estate investment. He has held senior roles in both fund management and research in some of the industry’s most respected institutions.