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Webcast: Making every dollar count. Maximizing yield in a fixed income portfolio

February 2022

Don’t miss this chance to hear from Fidelity’s top-ranked tactical fixed income portfolio manager, Jeff Moore, as he dives into a lively discussion and provides valuable insights on how institutional investors can maximize portfolio yield without introducing materially more risk in their plans.


  • How can plans navigate a rising rate environment and the divergence in regional policy?
  • What levers can be used to manage bond volatility?
  • How does controlling volatility allow for more yield in a plan?
  • What challenges lie ahead for plans to maximize income while managing risk?


author portrait
Jeff Moore Portfolio Manager
Jeff Moore is a portfolio manager in the fixed income division at Fidelity Investments. In this role, he manages portfolios across retail and institutional assets, ranging from tactical bond, core and core plus, and global strategies.  Additionally, he is a presenting member of Fidelity’s Asset Allocation Committee.

Before assuming his current position, Jeff was a fixed income analyst assigned to several sectors, including sovereign debt, energy, real estate investment trusts, banks and Canada.

Before joining Fidelity, Jeff worked at Dominion Bond Rating Service in Toronto and at the Government of Canada’s Department of Finance. He was selected for the accelerated economist training program, serving at the Treasury Board and at the Privy Council Office. In 2016, Jeff and his team received Morningstar’s 2016 U.S. fixed income manager of the year award for his work on the Fidelity total bond fund.