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Webcast: Quarterly global asset allocation outlook

April 2022

Portfolio Managers David Wolf and David Tulk delve into where they’re seeing opportunities at a time when central banks continue to grapple with persistently higher inflation, and geopolitical stresses are affecting market mechanics and economic growth.


  • Will the disruption in global supply chains and higher energy prices act as a brake on the world economy?
  • Has the outlook for emerging markets changed?
  • How far will central banks be willing to go in monetary policy normalization?
  • What tools can plans use to manage against volatility?


author portrait
David Wolf Portfolio Manager
David Wolf is a portfolio manager in the Global Asset Allocation group at Fidelity Investments. In this role, he serves as portfolio co-manager for a number of multi-asset class strategies for Canadian investors.

Mr. Wolf joined Fidelity in 2013. Before joining Fidelity, he served as Adviser to the Governor of the Bank of Canada and as secretary to the Governing Council of the Bank of Canada, where he oversaw analysis supporting the monetary policy decision process and represented Canada’s central bank on numerous international bodies. Previously, Mr. Wolf was head of Canadian economics and chief strategist at Merrill Lynch, and held progressively senior research positions at RBC Capital Markets in Canada and the U.K. He began working in the investments industry in 1997.
author portrait
David Tulk Portfolio Manager
David Tulk is a portfolio manager at Fidelity Investments. In this role, he manages a number of Canadian asset allocation strategies. Prior to this role, he was an institutional portfolio manager where he was a key contributor to thought leadership and served as a key conduit of client objectives, requirements and marketplace insight.

Mr. Tulk joined Fidelity in 2016. Before joining Fidelity, he was chief Canada macro strategist and head of global macro strategy for TD Securities. Before that, he was an assistant portfolio manager for the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and an economist for both TD Bank and the Bank of Canada. He has been in the investments industry since 2004.